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PK Strategies (PS) Inc. offers one-on-one support to children and youth with severe or mild mental disorders. Our one-on-one staff will support children and youth during hospitalization and other professional appointments. We also support children or youth with a developmental or physical disability like Autism Spectrum Disorder or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD). We can provide one-on-one support to foster families to give them a break from their schedules with children and youth (respite). Our one-on-one staff:

Provide constant monitoring of the individual with line of sight at all times.

Helps individuals achieve desired outcomes from community and pre-vocational activities.

Acts as advocate for all individuals that we serve.

Supports individuals to develop appropriate objectives and outcomes.   

Develops, implements, and documents progress to help individuals reach their goals.

Work with the individual to find and help him/her use community-based resources to achieve personal outcomes.   

Ensures the individual’s personal needs are met with dignity and respect.   

Promote health & safety for all individuals served in all settings and activities.