Pascal Ebot – Portfolio


I am Pascal Ebot, a social worker, human rights advocate, humble leader, and a PhD student. Working as a social worker with vulnerable individuals and communities for the past 10 years has allowed me to understand the importance of a diverse, equal, inclusive, and accessible society for all.

Workplaces will triumph and succeed when leaders and managers cultivate humble and servant leadership behaviors that motivate and inspire their followers. My graduate education in leadership and my experience leading a team of multicultural social workers have led me to understand the power of teamwork and how a leader’s attitude and leadership style can contribute to employee and team performance.

In a multicultural global environment, diversity, equity, and inclusion appreciate the experiences of people from multinational and cross-cultural backgrounds to contribute to collective wellbeing. I am passionate about identifying every individual’s unique strengths and abilities and supporting workplaces and organizations to lead and grow inclusively in today’s ever-changing multicultural work environment.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Human Services (Social and Community Services), and my research is on leadership and cultural competence. This doctoral research will utilize a qualitative methodology and the multicultural theoretical framework to explore how the cultural competency of human/social services leaders contributes to employee job performance.

I welcome an opportunity to meet with you or your organization and give a short presentation.

Thank you.

Pascal Ebot.