Evelyne is passionate about working with clients to implement management practices and structures that promote social, environmental and sustainability performance. Her experience and focus on the North American, European, and Sub-Saharan Africa markets has allowed her to support global organizations at the executive level in both strategic planning and management practice.

Holding a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science, Evelyn is a chemist and environmental professional with more than 20 years of experience. Spending much of her professional experience as the Founder and Director of a successful international environmental consulting firm, Evelyne is adept at leading and working with multidisciplinary teams, managing projects, and implementing management systems that embed sustainability, manage risk, and improve organizational ESG performance.

Growing up in Kenya, Evelyne was immersed in a culture of stark gender inequality that conditioned young women to believe that expectation and privilege differed between men and women.

Inspired by her daughter, Eliana, her rich heritage, and her passion for the environment, natural beauty and healthy living, Evelyne set out to change the world. Her business, Ellie Bianca, is passionately committed to bettering the lives of women around the world by empowerment through business and fair trade.